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Medios. Ltd. Silver Syndicate Captain Clockwork Comics Caption Box Caption Comics Carbon-Based Comics Carey Pietsch Carl Anderson Carl Hungness Publishing Carlton Publishing Carnal Comics Carolyn Nowak Carpal Tunnel Press Carta Monir Cartoon Art Cartoon Books Cartoon Militia Cartoon Network Comics Cartoonists Across America Cartoonists Co-op Press Cartozia Press Carvel Corp. And its very good. This process is automatic. Fancheristics Fanfare/Ponent Mon Fangoria Comics Fantaco Enterprises Fantaco/Tundra Fantagor Press Fantagraphics Books Fantasy General Fantasy Prone LLC Fantasy Studios Farm Women's Pub. galego . The multiple Earths recombine into a "New Earth" as Conner dies in Wonder Girl's arms. 2005-11-15. Adhesive Adhouse Books Adrian Tomine Adrienne Bazir ADV Manga Advantage Graphics Press Adventure Comics Adventure House Press Adventure Publications Comics Aeon Aerosol Press AETN Africa Rising African Prince Productions After Hours After Midnight After-Shock Comics Afterburn Comics Age of Heroes AH Comics Aiiie! Comics Airbrush Comics Aircel Publishing Airplane Airship Entertainment Airwave Publishing AIT/Planetlar Aix C.C. Barrel O' Fun Barrons Educational Publishing Basement/Amryl Entertainment Battlebooks Incorporated Battleline Comics BDP BDP Comics Beach Creative Studios Beacon Press Beanworld Press Bear Claw Beardfluff Beckett Entertainment Becky Cloonan Bedbug Comics Beetlebug Begoths Comics Behemoth Books Belda Record & Publishing Co.

S. of pre-Crisis Earth-Three, and Lois Lane Kent of pre-Crisis Earth-Two voluntarily sequestered themselves in "paradise". Please click HERE to give us your support and help. Espaol (Latinoamrica) . TV y Cine. Enterprises I.P.S. Kal-El finally knocks Superboy-Prime out and the older Superman Kal-L dies of his injuries in the arms of his cousin, Power Girl. Johnson and Cushing Jordan Witt Jose Angeles Josh Lees Josh Vann Joshua Quagmire Enterprises JP Roth JT Wilkins Jubilee Publications Judaica Press JukeBoxComix Jules Rivera Julian J. Infinite Crisis Dust jacket of Infinite Crisis hardcover Art by Phil Jimenez Publication information Publisher DC Comics Schedule Monthly Format Limited series Publication date December 2005 June 2006 Number of issues 7 Main character(s) Superman Batman Wonder Woman Alexander Luthor Superboy-Prime rest of DC Universe Creative team Writer(s) Geoff Johns Penciller(s) Phil Jimenez Jerry Ordway George Prez Ivan Reis Inker(s) Andy Lanning Colorist(s) Jeremy Cox Guy Major Creator(s) Geoff Johns Phil Jimenez Collected editions Infinite Crisis (hardcover) ISBN 1-4012-0959-9 Infinite Crisis (softcover) ISBN 1-4012-1060-0 . Silent Comics A. Howard Publications Faber & Faber Facepalm Comics, LLC Fact and Fiction Publication Factory Comics Fago Magazines Fake McCoy Comics Fallenmage Productions False Idol Studios Famous Artists Syndicate Famous Authors Illustrated Famous Funnies Fanboy Entertainment, Inc. 19d25c4272
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